Gerbil Nest Box: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Cozy Retreat

The best nesting material for gerbils includes ink-free cardboard or paper, hay, empty toilet rolls, egg containers, and plain cardboard boxes. It’s essential to provide your gerbils with appropriate nesting material that they can shred, as they are highly motivated.

Gerbils will use this material to build a nest, especially when the birth of their pups is imminent. It’s crucial to provide a suitable home for gerbils, with a minimum of ten gallons of space per gerbil and a deep enclosure for bedding and space to run.

Nest boxes are not necessary for gerbils, but they will instinctively create their nests using the appropriate bedding materials provided.

gerbil nest box
gerbil nest box


The Importance Of A Gerbil Nest Box

Gerbil Nest Box, something often overlooked, is essential for gerbils to have a safe space to rest, hide, and have privacy. It is vital for their overall well-being and reproductive health.

Providing A Safe And Comfortable Space

A gerbil nest box is essential for providing your furry friends a safe and comfortable space to rest and sleep. Like many small animals, Gerbils need a private area where they can retreat when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. A nest box provides them with a secluded spot where they can feel secure and at ease.

Promoting Natural Nesting Behaviors

Gerbils have an instinct to build nests and burrows. In the wild, they spend significant time constructing elaborate underground homes. By providing a nest box, you are allowing your gerbils to engage in their natural nesting behaviors. This is not only mentally stimulating for them but also helps to fulfill their instinctual needs.

Creating A Sense Of Security

In addition to promoting natural behaviors, a gerbil nest box also creates a sense of security for your pets. Your gerbils will feel safe and protected inside their nest box, as it provides them with a cozy and familiar environment. This can help reduce stress and anxiety, leading to happier and healthier gerbils.

When choosing a gerbil nest box, opt for one spacious enough for your gerbils to move around and build a nest comfortably. The material, such as wood or non-toxic plastic, should be safe for them to chew on. Place the nest box in a quiet area of their enclosure, away from loud noises or disturbances.

Remember to regularly clean and inspect the nest box to ensure it remains a clean and hygienic environment for your gerbils. This will help prevent the buildup of bacteria and keep your gerbils healthy.


Gerbil Nest Box: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Cozy Retreat


Choosing The Right Nesting Material

Choosing the suitable nesting material for your gerbil nest box is essential. They are highly motivated to shred gnawable materials such as ink-free cardboard, paper, hay, and empty toilet rolls, providing a cozy and comfortable space. Ensure they have adequate nesting material for a successful birth.

Choosing a suitable nesting material is essential when creating a comfortable and secure nest box for your gerbils. Gerbils are highly motivated to shred and gnaw on various materials, so providing them with appropriate options is necessary for their physical and mental well-being.

Ink-free Cardboard Or Paper

Ink-free cardboard or paper is an excellent choice for gerbil bedding. Gerbils love to shred and burrow through this material, creating cozy nests. Empty toilet rolls, egg containers, or plain cardboard boxes can also be great options for your gerbils to explore and nest in.

Hay And Straw

Hay and straw are commonly used as nesting material for gerbils. These natural materials provide insulation and comfort and encourage gerbils’ natural behaviors. Use clean and dust-free hay and straw to avoid respiratory issues in your furry friends.

Other Suitable Materials

In addition to ink-free cardboard or paper and hay/straw, there are other suitable materials that you can consider for your gerbils’ nest box. These materials include:

  • Shredded paper or tissue
  • Soft fabric strips or fleece
  • Coconut fiber
  • Wood shavings (make sure they are safe for small animals)

These materials can offer variety and enrichment for your gerbils, allowing them to engage in shredding and burrowing. Avoid using materials with dyes, fragrances, or chemicals that could harm your gerbils’ health.

When choosing nesting materials for your gerbils, observing their behavior and preferences is essential. Some gerbils may have preferences for certain materials, so giving them options can help create a comfortable and cozy nest box they will enjoy. Remember to clean and replace the bedding regularly to maintain a hygienic and healthy environment for your gerbils.

Design And Placement Of The Gerbil Nest Box

Designing and placing a gerbil nest box requires careful consideration to ensure your furry friends have a comfortable space. Providing appropriate nesting material such as ink-free cardboard or paper, hay, empty toilet rolls, or plain cardboard boxes can satisfy their need to shred and create a cozy home.

Size is also important, with a minimum of ten gallons of space to accommodate bedding and their activities.

Quiet And Cozy Design

When designing a gerbil nest box, it is essential to prioritize their comfort and security. A quiet and cozy design will allow them to relax and rest undisturbed. The nest box should be constructed from materials that absorb sound, such as wood, to minimize noise disturbances within the gerbilarium.

Proper Size And Dimensions

The size and dimensions of the gerbil nest box are crucial for their well-being. It should be spacious enough for the gerbils to move around comfortably but not too large that it becomes overwhelming. A good rule of thumb is to provide each gerbil with at least ten gallons of space within the nest box.

Furthermore, the nest box should have a suitable height, allowing the gerbils to stand on their hind legs without hitting the roof. This promotes natural behavior and prevents any discomfort for the gerbils.

Strategic Placement In The Gerbilarium

The placement of the gerbil nest box within the gerbilarium is essential for their well-being. It should be located in a quiet area away from excessive noise or disturbances. This will ensure the gerbils have a peaceful environment to retreat to when they need privacy or rest.

Additionally, placing the nest box on a stable surface will prevent accidental tipping or movement, providing a sense of security for the gerbils. Positioning the nest box on the ground level or at a low height is also advisable for easy access.


gerbil nest box
gerbil nest box


Frequently Asked Questions Of Gerbil Nest Box

What is the best nesting material for Germs?

The best gerbil nesting material is ink-free cardboard or paper, hay, empty toilet rolls, egg containers, or plain cardboard boxes. Gerbils are highly motivated to shred gnawable material. Providing a deep enclosure with at least five or six inches of bedding allows them to build a nest.

How Much Space Do 2 Gerbils Need?

Gerbils need a minimum of ten gallons of space with at least five or six inches of bedding. They should have enough space to run around and a deep nest enclosure. Please provide them with appropriate materials like cardboard or paper for nesting.

Why Is My Gerbil Building A Nest?

Gerbils build nests as a sign that they are about to give birth. They collect bedding material to create a safe space for their newborns. It is essential to leave the gerbil alone during this time. Appropriate nesting material, such as cardboard or paper, is necessary for their natural behavior.

Do Gerbils Need A Nest Box?

Gerbils benefit from having a quiet and cozy nest box in their gerbilarium. It provides them with a safe and comfortable spot to rest and sleep. Ensure that you offer appropriate nesting material such as cardboard, paper, or hay for them to shred and create their nest.


To provide your gerbils with a comfortable and secure environment, they must have a suitable nest box. This will serve as a quiet and cozy retreat where they can feel safe and secure. Gerbils have an instinct to build nests, especially during birthing.

Providing a nest box allows them to exhibit their natural behaviors and fulfill their needs. So, make sure to choose a nest box that is spacious, easy to clean, and made from safe materials. Your gerbils will thank you for it!